Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Activity! Divisions! and....ya...Transfers...

Well, to be honest, I am completely revolted at the moment. I got transfered. But more on that later.

Well, we have been trying to do something new and different around here, to try and have some different results and not get stuck in the same routine, there are many ways to find people to teach and to share the gospel.
This week we turned the cultural hall into.... The Sacred Grove. (would you believe that in the rush of the moment I forgot to take a picture... AHHH!!!!) but it was way cool, except that we didn´t have the results that we wanted (we told the members they had to invite a friend or less active member of the church, they didn´t listen) It was way cool though, we gave a part to each member to read a bit of the first lesson and then Bishop Eduardo explained about Joseph Smith and The First Vision while I was giving a little piano in the background. We had a choir too and basically it was a different way of presenting it, for a full explanation, wait another ten months until I get home. AH ten months?!?!?! WHAT?!?! way too fast.
We didn´t get to teach much because we were preparing for this activity and banking on having a lot of referals and new investigators, didn´t happen, so Elder Amaral and I went on splits with some young men in the ward for the last two days to try and find lots of new people, we did alright. Me and Nathan found a really great couple last night that are REALLY interested and way great. I hope Elder Amaral and Elder Arnow have lots of success with them. With that said. I got transfered.
So I wasn´t really worried about trasnfers, and every time that I stay really traquil about transfers, I get transfered, so I knew that I was going. I am really bummed. This last month and a half with Elder Amaral went by soooo fast and it seems like yesterday that I got here. Time as a missionary is going by way fast. I can´t even express how sad I am to be leaving, I want to stay soo bad. I love the ward and the people here a bunch. It seems like everywhere I go that my love just explodes, and I know I will love the people in Medianeira (new area) just as much too, but it is really hard to say good bye here too, especially on such short notice, I know I won´t get to say goodbye to everyone. Wow, I am really excited to show you all my pictures of the people here and tell you all about them, they are so wonderful. Wish you could all get to know them.
We are also in the middle of an adventure, because we had to have a medical consult for Elder Amaral today, he has something under his arm, that I won´t even guess how to say in english, that they probably have to cut him. So we are transfering, doing minor sugery, and also our zone got enveloped by another zone here in the mission so now they have lots of other missionaries to take care of. My new zone is going to be pretty small, so it should be pretty nice, I think just 10 other missionaries or something like that. not the twenty that Elder Amaral is going to stay with. It seems a little cruel, Elder Amaral is so great and I was so excited to be with him and I am already getting transfered. Anyways, enough about that. Pretty much love him and this place, that´s all I gotta say about that.
It sounded really fun with the whole family together, I liked the picture everybody is really looking good, I don´t know why you did a picture of mine to chop up and put in there haha, I am the only ugly one in the picture. (something about Brasil, they are a lot more blunt, but not blunt, there are just less words to decribe things, so you call people ugly, or fat, or poor. it is kind of funny, you can´t really beat around the bush)
But in the other words, the picture was lovely, I will send you a better picture that gets my good side ha so you can photo shop me in from now on.
Okay, gonna run. Love ya
Seu Filho, Irmão, e Amigo
Elder David F Morgan

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Truthfully I don´t really believe that I am already writing to you again, this was a pretty fast week. Can I just mention again that I can´t believe Shaun is graduated and there are no more Morgans in the Medford public school system?! Wow, now that I think about it, this week seemed pretty long...

On Tuesday we had our last zone conference with President and Sister Swenson before they leave. It was actually pretty normal but helped a lot, we talked about establishing goals and then making plans to fufill those goals. We ought to have goals and plans in our lived to acheive our full potenical. I like something that President said. ´We must set goals, and THEN make plans, if we don´t do it in that order we aren´t leaving space for faith, and for miracles´ I have found that to be true.
We also sang ´We´ll bring the World His Truth´ for them and a poem that a sister wrote, I was going to play piano, ha but I ended up conducting. It was touching and just nice, trying to show them how much we really do love them. They are so great, I can harldy believe that in two weeks we will have another mission president. SOOOO weird.

  I finished reading and marking The Book of Mormon this week. a challenge that Sister Swenson gave to us FOREVER ago (when I was still in Pelotas) It was a very rewarding experience and helped me to gain a greater love for the written word of The Lord, and I learned that I don´t know as much as I thought I did. ( a common missionary experience) I really know that Book was inspired of God,  was preserved for our time, and that through learning and applying it´s teachings  we will come closer to our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ and will find more peace and direction in this life. It really does answer the questions of our souls.
 We worked really hard this week, it wasn´t perfect, but we really put in a lot of effort, tried to meet our goals and help as many people and invite as many people as we could. I really felt good, just that great feeling inside that confirms that what I am doing is right, that feeling made me thirst after it more, I just really wanted to be good, to do the right thing, and I felt content.
We found a couple to teach. Tiago and Daiana. They are quiet, but listen and are really learning what we teach them and we taught them about how families can be together forever if we make certain covenants with God through His authority, we can be sealed together forever. Their marraige and family and be perpetuated even after this life. They became much more interested and are progressing well, but then left this weekend and so they weren´t at church with us.

We also ate lunch with Christiane this week, she is so happy after having been baptized, it is great to see how The Gospel makes such a difference in peoples lives. Her husband, Paulo is a member of the church too, but never goes, it has been a long time, but is starting to open up a little more too and listens to the lessons and talks with us. I hope we can get them both going to church together.

Oh, I braved it and let Elder Amaral cut my hair today too, I didn´t want to cut it super short with my clipper and didn´t want to go pay so I just handed him the siccors and comb and he went to work, it actually didn´t turn out bad, I was pleased and he was just tickled with himself.

That´s all for now. Just a thought I have been having. The Gospel is all about truth, light, honesty. Anything that we feel like we would be ashamed of or have to hide, probably not something worth our time, but we should be true and honest. It is kind of hard to put this thought down in an email. But let all of our works be clear and full of truth, we will feel better and more comfortable with ourselves.

Hope that makes sense. I love you all.
Élder David F. Morgan

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Temple Dedication of Manaus

I know you all must be very busy with so much family being in town, I hope Grandma´s funeral was very nice, I hardly think it is possible to condense all the wonderfulness of Grandma´s life into such a short period of time, but I am sure that the dedication of her life touched many hearts. I hope you are all well and that you are enjoying the time together to remember the things that are of real importance.

We had a fairly good, but also trying week here. I love Elder Amaral lots and he makes it much easier to get through the current trials we are facing in our area, cause at least we are always laughing together. We are having a hard time finding new people to teach and just do the over all missionary work. Conceição is still progressing well, she REALLY wants to be baptized so very bad, but is still having trouble getting out of the Sunday work. Please don´t forget to pray for her. We are really wanting to get out of whatever rut we seem to be in at the moment, it is a combination of a lot of things, I can tell that The Lord´s hand is in all things, and that He is blessing us a lot, and helping us to get back on top of everything again.

It finally got cold here, like gloves, and beanie and scarf cold. Then it warmed up again, should have a pretty hot week, but I got a friendly reminder that winter is on its´ way. During these two cold weeks, our shower head and heater both were broken. BRRRRR but a really great brother came over and he fixed them for us. He also gave me a new pair of shoes/boots, I still wear mine, but these new ones will be really good for when it starts raining (mostly because mine are unlined, there aren´t giant holes in them)

Very cool from this week was that yesterday, another temple was dedicated here in Brasil. The Brasil Manaus temple. Manaus is in the northernmost state of Brasil, while I am in the state furthest south. So, other side of the country that is huge, but still cool. The temple sits right on the bank of the Rio Negro of... that´s right, The Amazon. ´The Man´ came to dedicate the temple, and the dedication ceremony was really touching and it brought back many memories of when the Medford Temple was dedicated and when dad was working on the temple in Washington. President Faust was mentioned, he served here in the south, and loved the people of Brasil. I will always remember ´helping´ to put the corner stone mortor in, and that dad mentioned I should write a letter thanking him, then to my great suprise I got a letter back! I had a fun time sharing that with the other missionaries here. What a blessing to have yet another temple, here in Brasil, and in the world! All that we do as missionaries is directed to the blessings of the temple, and all the blessings of the temple point to Christ, the Plan of Happiness, and sealing our families togethr throughout all eternity. I am so grateful for the blessings of temples. This is what comforts me being so far away during this time in our family, I hope you can all remember the purpose of the temple and the Plan of Happiness.

That´s it for this week. I love you.

Elder David F Morgan