Pictures of Elder David Morgan

These pictures go in cronological order from the begining of the mission to the end so the newest pictures are at the bottom.

 Elder Morgan's mom helps him put on his official missionary name tag.
 Elder Morgan
 I think he's ready!
 Elder Morgan and his pilots from Medford, OR to Salt Lake City, UT.
 Our last wave goodbye.
Elder Morgan boarding his plane.
Elder Morgan arrives at the MTC. (back row, far left)
 Elder Morgan arrives at the mission home.
 Elder Morgan with his first district (?) (back row, center)
Elder Morgan and Elder Dallas Cluff (from Ashland). Spent a few weeks in the MTC at the same time.
 Elder Morgan with his first companion and trainer Elder Gramosa.
 Elder Morgan eating raw sugar cane.
Elder Morgan at his first baptism. Left to right: Elder Gramosa, ?, Willain, ?, Elder Morgan.