Monday, May 28, 2012

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Óla família e amigos.
So, not really sure what to write about to be honest, as I have been reading your emails about Grandma in the last few minutes, my whole feeling about what I thought that I would write has changed.

I had recently been talking with Irmã Carla (our bishops wife) about when we lose loved ones etc. We were both sharing stories about our grandparents (clearly, with grandparents like mine, there is lots to tell haha) And we talked about when it comes to the end of a dear ones life, we generally express sentiments of love mingled with regret, ´I should have spent more time´, ´If i´d only...´etc. I know that I have some of the same feelings about Grandma Morgan.

I know that there were lots of times I thought to visit her and just didn´t `get around to it´ (that´s a terrible phrase by the way) but even if we had done so much and passed so much time with our loved ones, would we still feel the same way? I think so, maybe it would be less painful, but in moments of reflection and contemplation,´it could have been´is a rather common feeling.

All I can say is how grateful I am for the knowledge that families REALLY can  and WILL be together forever through Heavenly Father´s plan. I know that is true. It is an incredible and almost indescribable peace that comes through the knowledge of God´s plan for the salvation and happiness for His children, I wish I could write down how I feel. It is a feeling mingled with sadness, with thoughts of what could be different, but the most beatiful thing is that there is hope. Something to hang on to that brings peace. Through faithfulness to The Lord and his commandments, we will be happy in this life and will be with our loved ones again. A scripture comes to my mind, that really I don´t remember the reference or exactly how it is phrased, but it is speaking to death as if it were present. Where is your power? With The Ressurection of Jesus Christ, He conquered death, and it has lost its´sting.

I have the assurance, that I will see Grandma Morgan again, it is hard to be away from her during this time, but I know that those times I wasn´t with her won´t hurt, because I can see her forever, and that makes me so much more grateful for the times I did have with her, the things she taught me, and the love she always showed. I know that families really are eternal. I am so grateful for that knowledge, and I am so excited to be sharing that message with anyone who will listen, just like Grandma Morgan would want me to be. I love you Grandma, thank you so much for being a righteous example of service and for all the love. (And cookies and Ice cream too) again, I love you.
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I suppose you would like to be filled in a bit on the happenings here in Rio Grande do Sul ( I can´t say Brasil because all of the native missionaries say this isn´t like their country)
Elder Amaral is great, we have been working hard, but there is room for improvement, our investigators are ALL progressing towards baptism and confirmation, and we are very happy for them. The only thing is after there baptisms we will be at square one because our teaching pool is VERY small.
We fasted with Conceição this week to help her get out of working on Sunday. Wow time is almost out, this will have to wait until next week.

Lots of love Elder Morgan

Thursday, May 24, 2012


So, I wasn´t transfered, no suprise there hehe. I think I will probably pass all of my time as a zone leader here in Agronomia, but we´ll see.
The bigger news is who my companion is. I would say you´ll never guess, but you all probably don´t remember him just by name. Elder Amaral!
When I first came into the mission field, and I was in Simões Lopes w/ E. Gramosa; Elder Amaral also lived in the same house with his companion, plus we are from the same MTC group, so I have known him for quite awhile. He is a really great and fun Elder, always excited, and always working hard, it helps that we are already good buddies too. I was shocked, but I had already told him he would be a zone leader on this transfer, I just didn´t think I would be training him. ´training´ right? He came pre-trained. It is really good because I am showin him the ropes as a zl, but I have never been a district leader or even senior companion, so he gives me good advice about what is important to the DL´s and how we came help them out. He trained a new missionary on his last transfer and they were pretty close, I think he was pretty sad to leave him behind, but it helped that we are going to be companions.
Our district meeting on Thursday was awesome. We taught everybody the ´Missionary Haka´ to get them a little more excited and I am really looking forward to this next transfer, we have a great group of missionaries to be working with.

I can´t believe this is President and Sister Swenson´s last transfer here, it will be really hard to have a new president, I wish you could all get to know Pres. and Sis. Swenson, they are incredible.

We helped an elderly lady in the ward paint her windows today, she gave us lunch, that was really nice of her, plus gave us the leftovers to eat dinner, so we will be eating pretty good tonight.

We managed to get a family in the ward to pass by on Sundays and pick up Eduardo to go to church, he told us he really wants to be baptized, we asked him if he understood what it means to be baptized and what kind of promises he will be making with Heavenly Father, he understood, and now that we are sure he will be able to go to church each Sunday, he will be baptized this weekend or the next. I am super excited for him, he is a pretty special kid.

Christiane is progressing incredibly well, we love her lots that´s all I´ve got to say, she was going to be baptized this weekend, but she has lots of family members that are members of the church that she wants to participate, which will be really good for her, and so she is going to be baptized on the first of June.

Please keep, Conceição in your prayers, she is really trying to find a way to get out of working on Sunday so she can go to church, she really wants to and we are praying with her, but please keep her in your prayers too so that something can open up for her.

Well, we are going to finish cleaning our house... it´s in neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. but not too bad.
 Tudo de meu amor pra voces.
Seu Filho, Irmão, e amigo
Elder David F. Morgan

Monday, May 14, 2012


 Elder Young accidentally fell asleep after lunch
 Elder Young, Elder Christiano, Elder Cardoso, Elder Morgan
 Hiking with Elder Cardoso
 Elder Morgan and Elder Cardoso on an old spring (that he says has something to do with the slaves who used to live there)
 Elder Morgan on the hike
 Elder Morgan and the Cruz family
Picture of Camaqua
 Elder Morgan and Elder Rogers
 Elder Almeida at Christmas
 Elder Morgan with Buzz Lightyear mask
Elder Morgan and Elder Almeida

Yup, we just talked yesterday

Pretty sure it is about four or five in the morning there right now, but we are sending a quick email a little early today, and since we just talked, this email is mostly about transfers, and for the benefit of those who didn´t participate in yesterday´s video chat. Which I enjoyed greatly! Very fun to see everybody, I guess I am a little more shell shocked than I thought though, because it was honestly a little overwhelming, and I felt mildly awdward at the begining, didn´t even know what to say. Isn´t that weird how that can happen? The other day Bishop Eduardo asked for our address back home, typed it into google maps and showed me where we live, it kind of freaked me out, it seemed like a whole different world. I loved seeing you all though, especially Laila and Gracie! I can´t wait to get to know them! Plus, I was just tickled that Samm is playing the piano. Anyways, again, HAPPY Mothers Day! I hope the Swedish Pancakes were excellent. Love you all.
  So! Transfers! I am going to be staying in our area. Half of our zone got transferred (how many r´s are there, just two, or one?) Including Elder Cardoso, I will be bummed to see him go. I wanted him to talk with you guys some more, but he was a little embarassed haha, so he just smiled like a goob for a little bit instead. But I really wanted you to at least see and get to know our Bishop and his family, they are REALLY awesome! But there was three languages going on at one time too, that was funny. ( BTW, Spanish is STILL just weird portuguese :p)
Anyways, transfers again. I don´t know who my companion is yet, but we are getting a new companionship of sister missionaries here (hallelujah... I hope) But I am a little sad that Elder Cardoso is leaving, he taught me a lot and we worked hard together, the time just passed way super fast. Love him to death though, gonna miss him, he is just upset because he is going to continue as a Zone Leader ha and I am just glad he didn´t get called as the new assistent to the President. But I will update you all on transfers this next week.
   Since I talked about our investigators a bit with you yesterday too, I don´t really have any updates for ya. Just wait until next week I guess.
Just thinking about moms yesterday. Dunno how they do it, hardest job EEEVVVEERRR. I was discussing this with a member the other day, about how much gratitude you gain for your parents as a missionary and that he will realize what a rotten son he is just like I did, but not to worry about it, because his parents, like mine are probably just glad I turned out alright, am serving a mission, didn´t do anything TOO stupid and am everyday becoming more and more converted to The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and coming to know my Savior. But, back to motherhood, in the portuguese guide to studying the scriptures under the definition of motherhood it says something more or less like this: Mother: the sacred title given to those who auxiliate Heavenly Father in carrying out his Plan of Salvation for His children, by providing physical bodies to His spirit children.
It seems like a pretty dry description, but I liked that they call it, a Sacred Title, I know and testify that Motherhood really is of the most sacred callings that Heavenly Father has for his children, and without a doubt there is no other love that come closer to the love of Heavenly Father and the Savior for us, than that of a mother.
 I won´t go into details cause I talked to you yesterday, and this a public email but thanks again Mama Bear. Te Amo Muito!
 That´s it for today, until next week with its´ updates, challenges and miracles.

Com tudo de meu amor!
Seu Filho, Irmão, e Amigo
Elder David Fredrick Morgan

Monday, May 7, 2012

No Title

I can´t really think of a decent title for this email, or a decent way to sum up my sentiments.
I am feeling pretty sad. Clarissa, that was baptized a few weeks ago, she started having complications in her pregnancy a week or so ago. Sunday morning she lost both of the twins, two baby boys. It got me reflecting a lot about The Plan of Salvation, and about the convenants we make at baptism, to comfort those who stand in need of comfort, and to mourn with those who mourn. What a blessing to have knowledge of the purpose of life and the family, and to have The Gospel in our lives to strengthen and comfort during these trying and sad moments here.
I also thought about our role, to comfort those in need of comfort, sometimes, I feel like I don´t know how to act, what would be the thing to do, or say, that would offer that comfort and needed support? I feel that much of the time, those who mourn just need someone close by, someone to help shoulder the burden, so it can be light. Lots and lots of love. It seems that the word love, whether and action or a feeling, is becoming a theme to misionary work and all that is involved in it. Please don´t forget to keep Clarissa and her family in your prayers. Thank you.

This week was a little rough, but we did find lot´s of new people to teach. PLUS! Conceiçcão (Conception, what a name right?) went to church yesterday! She works every Sunday, but she felt a really strong desire to visit church and so she paid somebody to take her place for a few hours so she could go, it was really neat, she also brought her little grandaughter too. She loved it, I am anxious to go back and visit her again this week :)

Also, kind of funny. Elder Cardoso ended up staining ALL but one of his shirts in the wash, and a sister in the ward offered to try to get them out for him. We went by to bring the shirts to her Monday morning with the product she asked for, to use. There are some things in Brasil that are really hard to find, for example, peaunut butter, or marshmellows, or WAFFLE MAKERS, and even if you could, most people don´t buy them because they aren´t accustomed to using; except for this family. When we showed up they happened to be making.... waffles! Irmão Piccini couldn´t believe it, he said that the first time they have made waffles in over a year, and the one day they decide to, the missionaries show up! But they wouldn´t let us leave without feeding us, so we ´bit the bullet´ and ate delicious and warm waffles. Way good!

I went on exchanges with Elder Muniz (it is kind of weird doing that with someone who was once my ZL) it was really good. I can tell he is getting tired though, he is getting some gas back in the tank though, especially because Elder Fagg´s portuguese is starting to come along better and so he can help him out a little more and they can work together.

That is about it for this week. Ha I am really excited and can´t believe that Mothers Day is already THIS sunday, so we will be skyping again. :) Crazy. So, talk to ya soon :)

Seu Filho, Irmão, e Amigo

Elder David F. Morgan