Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Well, this was actually kind of a tough, but good week at the same time. Once again, the difficult part is remembering what we did. 
We went on a division with the members for the first time in a long time. It was actually really good too. Just two hours, but both groups taught, and found someone new to teach, we were needing that little boost in our area. Elder de Almeida, contacted a family we had talked to on the street. Only teenage kids were home, but one started crying during the lessons and said they she was feeling so good inside ( uh The Spirit :) ) She showed the Book of Mormon to her parents and they said they wanted to read it too, and her brother has lots of questions about The Plan of Salvation, what a blessing! Also, one of our district Leaders accidently wandered into our area (he is new there, and didn´t know the boundery and his comp is a green american) so they ended up teaching a couple and commited them both to be baptized for us : ) 
Iago is doing good. It is just slow, because we can almost never meet with his mom that needs to know a little more about the church and be more involved so he can be baptized. He really wants to and is a great kid, a real example. He drink lots and lots of coffee so we are going to have to work with him on that, but he spends a lot of time in his member friends house and so they will help support him I am sure. 
Thursday I went back to Simões Lopes! Woohoo! I went with the District Leade, Elder Eduardo there our first lesson there we brought a member with us to teach, special thing was that this member is somebody i taught and invited to be baptized with Elder Palandi a year ago. Patricia. it was so special to see her again and see that she is well. I really liked being there with them too, I miss living in a house with four missionarys, it takes a little bit of the stress off at the end of the day and no mattter how much you love your companion, having the same guy in our face for 24 hours a day even when you go home can be tough on anybody, having four in a house works to shake it up a bit. 
It was fun to eat lunch with a really dear family from the ward too, and to relive some memories. I love being in Pelotas again. 
Friday and saturday were rough. Just knocing on doors... aaaallll day, nobody wanted to hear us. We are working with the members to try and find some people to teach as well. 
Luis Fernando is going strong at church, he could easily be baptized at any moment. We talked to him about tithing, chastity, keeping The Sabbath day holy, at at once, because he already understands and keeps them, it was basically a formality and to clear up any questions he might have, I just wish we could teach him more than just once a week. 
Our zone is getting better little by little, almost unoticable progress every week, but summed up it is easy to see the difference, but itis still very far from where we want to be. We need to cultivate a spirit of success and unity in our zone, and work work and more work. December is looking very very promising. We are doing what we call.. Natal Branco (White Christmas), one day for ALL of decembers baptisms (thus the white part) a giant baptismal service, I am excited:) 
Okay, that´s all for me folks. Man I was REALLY expecting a new Nephew or Neice this week, now I am gonna have to wait a whole nother week. Good luck, Prayin for ya. 

Elder David F Morgan
BTW´s The Sciptures are sooooo true. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

What A Long Week

Wow, this week was SOOOO long. 
So we had Zone Leaders Council this week (after this transfer I will have passed exactly half of my time as a missionary serving as a Zone Leader) Zone Council seemed to go by really fast, we now meet at President´s home, so it´s really fun. We went and stayed in Agronomia for the night and it was fun to go and see some people that I knew, it was a bummer not to get to see everyone, but next month I will go and visit them. Ha but I loved swapping some stories with the members. 
Man, President Castro is just so... awesome! It is interesting how he takes such basic principles of the gospel and makes them profound, he loves talking to us about faith, and I can feel that my faith is growing. 
We tried to make the best of our bus ride home and plan our training we would present to the zone on Thursday, ha ya right, I am weak as a passenger on a bus, I slept the whole way back. 

We spent the week running from one meeting to the next it seemed. We also had another church activity on Friday, Elder de Almeida and I provided the music again of course, man I hope someone took pictures, cause I forgot... again. Woops. The stake President said we sounded like an original CD, so that was cool, maybe after the mission we will form a group and get famous. :P I remember to have bailed out on a lot of ward activies when I was younger, not gonna do that anymore, it is so important to have a good turnout so the members can get to know visitors and that the ward is excited and warm. So ya, go to your church social activites. 

We didn´t get to teach that much this week sadly, but Luis Fernando came to church again this week, he actually beat us there, and also a youngster named Iago came as well. Luis went to a single adult activity that night too and had a way good time, the members are doing a good job taking care of him and making him feel welcome. 
We are kind of stuck in our area right now and we have started teaching the members and trying to inspire them to invite their friends to meet with us and here the message of The Restored Gospel.

Trying to remember this weeks events... 

That is about all I can think of at the moment. We just ran the whole week long. It is hot here now, except for today, it´s raining. 
Also, soccer and basketball got pulled for missionaries here, to many were getting hurt and having to stay at home. Dangit. I liked to play. It is cool to be here in downtown cause we have museums and things we can visit on p day easily. Love it! 

OKAY, times up. I love you all very very much. I am sorry my emails aren´t that interesting lately. But I will try to write " a good one" next week. Do you believe that it took me more than a year to finaly figure out how to use the quotation marks on a brazilian keyboard? Well. All of my love

Elder David F Morgan

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Week Of Really Weird Stuff

Óla Famíla!
So this was a week where just weird stuff happened, it is all in my journal, but I can´t remember it off the top of my head.
There was an odd band of German imigrants in liderhosen (dunno how to spell that) walking around, we contacted a politician on the street. Uhh and also, so a member from another ward came up to us, told us he had nothing to do and offered to work with us, so we accepted. we went knocking because it was that day that everything had fallen through. First door... lady in a little red.... "thing" answered.. I thought, " well, it must be date night" so instead of trying to teach a lesson we just asked if she would like to hear a message another day. We were then informed that in that house... EVERY night was date night... with more than one person..... So ya, we just said goodnight and left. Awkward...
Okay, gettig to the important stuff.
Luis Fernando went to church again this week. He had been up until three in the morning and still made the sacrifice to go to church, when we called him the night before he was already ready and said " well ya of course I´m going to church tomorrow"
It has just been hard to meet with him regularly because of his college schedule.
We managed to teach a guy named Rudiele again too (totally a girls name here, but that´s alright, he is cool) Our first lesson with him was AWESOME! and then we tried and tried and tried to meet with him again, and he was never home. We happened to be close by on Friday and we felt impressed to stop our plans and go teach him. He was at home! We taught about The Restoration (last time was Plan of Salvation) and he really understands well, and asks lots of questions, it is just a joy to teach him. We marked his baptism for the begining of December, lots of room, he studies, plays on a local semi-pro soccer team (that I am a fan of) so it will probably be pretty difficult to find him at home, but we won´t give up.
Our area is coming along well, and the zone too, it was in a rut when we got here, ha and frankly, it still is, but there has been good progress.
Also, when at the Stake Presidents house, he turned on the TV to show us New York, I saw somebody, and said. " Hey that looks like my sister Bri, wait! she lives in New York!" I don´t think it was actually her, but looked a lot like it. Dad gave me and update, I supposed, that if something had happened, that I would have been notified anyways, but I was a lil' worried about ya for a moment.
On Friday it was Day of Dead here. Kind of a funny holiday.
Elder David F Morgan