Monday, December 31, 2012

Out of Time!

Well, sorry I just don´t have time to write.
I love you all, and it was GREAT to talk to you, even though I felt a bit awkward on cam, and i didint have any idea what to talk about. We are working WAY hard and I am so super happy. Elder Ewer is basically the best comp EVER!
Please pray for the following people: Iago, Carlos e Edna, Mattues e Rejane, Eliane, e Luis Fernando. All people VERY close to being baptized, but there is something in the way.
We had neat experiences this week, and lots of trials too, but we aren´t getting down for when we are in The Lord´s service, we have the right to His help.
Lots and lots of loves!
Happy New YEAR!
Elder David f Morgan

Monday, December 24, 2012


Óla! So we had a WAY good week. But first off. Elder Ewer is freaking me out a bit. We have the same first name, are from the same state, have the same food intolerances, often time speak the same words at the same time, and he has seen What´s up Doc? ! They love that movie in his family, as well as Swiss Family Robinson! So now when we talk to people on the street I am gonna tell him " Use your charm"
Tuesday we got up way early and went to a meeting with Elder Godoy, ( he keeps showing up on my mission) It was great! He talked with us about possibilites for why our mission isn´t baptizing as much as it used to and what could be keeping us from having sucess and having miracles happen in our lives and missions. It is true that what we are doing we are doing good, we just need to be doing more of it. I include myself in that. Our zone is finally shaking off the dust and is getting rolling, it has been no small task, but with Elder Ewer here and some of the new missionaries we got in this last transfer I am really hope filled for the end of this month and also for January, ( a particularly special month for me :p ) Also, IT IS SOOOOO HOT HERE!!!! 
In our own area we have already seen miracles. We found a great new couple last week that have a great desire to change their lives. They were living where there was people getting killed every day, he lost his work because of drugs and the family was getting torn apart, so he went to a kind of rehabilitation farm for a few months, and they moved way far away from where they were and they want to start a new life. We have taught them how baptism is a new birth and that a family is most likely to be sucessful based on restored gospel principals. Anyways, they went to church on Sunday and accepted baptism as well, but they will need to be married first so that is our first hurtle. Matteus and Rejane are there names.
Plus we had a WAY neat experience last week. We were walking to a lower part of our area, but we were walking right in the sun, so I suggested that we change our route to escape the heat, plus more people walk in the shade so we can stop and talk to them, when we cut to the other road, we stopped and felt that we should not on a certain house that we passed, so we did. It was a little old lady and we offered to show here the filmJoy to the World, when she found out it was free she let us in haha. She also has an adult son who lives at home. They felt The Spirit for sure when the film was playing and he shared with us that he has so many questions that he wants answered and has never found the answer anywhere he has gone, offered to share our message with him another day to see if it would respond to the questions he has. In our lesson yesterday, he was at the edge of his seat, and was really reluctant to let us go, The Spirit was strong but there was an obvious excitement as well a moment of " aha! Finaly!" He was touched by the doctrines of The Plan of Salvation and is anxious for us to come back, and readily accepted baptism. What a great blessing and a miracle to be an instrument in the hands of The Lord.
Right so my email time is coming up. Uh, I am going to use the internet here about 5 oclock my time here. Is that okay? If not, well, sorry haha its gonna have to do ha. I don´t know exactly what time that is there. I will be using skype and I will figure our my skype account. It honsetly scares me a bit the idea of my last Christmas call, and talking to family, it is a weird sensation, but It was be very great I am sure. Lots of loves! Até amanhã! Feliz Natal também! Man I didn´t even get to write anything about the importance of the season. Maybe next week. Just remember that Christ is the (with all respect) Birthday Boy. What are is giong to be your present to Him?
 Com Amor
Elder David F Morgan

Monday, December 17, 2012

Good GOOD week


Wow, what a nice week. So Elder Ewer is SUCH a good companion. I am glad that I have always gotten along well with my comps, there were one or two that wore more difficult, but even then it wasn´t hard, and they have all been good workers. But seriously, Elder Ewer is from Oregon, is a REALLY hard worker, kind of nerdy, and reminds me a bunch of Grant  (but not too much cause Grant is one of a kind awesome!) 

We had a few days (Monday and Tuesday) that we were in transfers so it was pretty hard to get work done in our area, but he showed up with a much of excitement to get out there and do the work, The Lord blessed us a lot, and we had a great week. 

Tuesday during transfers I was with Elder Peters from a near by area. We were in my area but I felt inspired to go to his area and see if we could get some investigators for him and his new companion Elder Del Pino before he arrived. ( Also, LOVE Elder Del Pino, I was his ZL when he started the mission, great guy, and from Chile) We only had about two or three hours of work but we managed to talk to lots of people, I got to know Elder Peters, and what was going on in the district, and also we marced two baptisms! 

This week we planned a lot of new ideas for finding new people,and one of those was to offer to show the Christmas DVD Mundo Feliz, which we felt was particulary inspired as we planned. ( dunno how it is in english... oh I think it is Joy to The World, haha I was gonna write. Happy World) It is a new approach and has been kind of find to find ways to use the Church films to teach people. 
Yesterday we were walking to go to another part of our area, and we were walking in the VERY hot sun, and so I suggested we cut through another road to be walking in the shade, when we got on the new road, we passed a house and I felt prompted to stop and knock there. A little old lady opened the door and we offered to show here the short film, when we explained it was free she let us in haha. Then here son showed up and we all watched. He explained that he has always looked for lots of answers to questions he has and he has never found the answers ( questions of the soul!) and we asked if we could come back another day and see if we could try our hand at answering his questions. We are going back Friday. During the film, I felt The Spirit really strong when it was showing some of the events of The Saviors life and how he served people, I wondered what it would have been like to personally know Him, and I felt His love so strong. I looked around and asked to myself. " Man, are they feeling this too?" I had hoped so, our short discussion afterwards confirmed that they had. I am excited to get back there on friday. 

Luis is going home for a few weeks, and we are praying he has some experiences there that will help him have the desire to be baptized when he comes home. Iago´s mom still isn´t allowing him to be baptized, but he is also going strong. We found some families this week and new people that we have a lot of hope for. 

Ya, my time is running out. So Also. Uh Christmas. I will use Skype. Send my my info again about the account, cause I forgot. Send me a time better for you too. I will have  a moment to check email during the week and we can coordinate. I am excited, but it also freaks me out a lot. Loves

Elder David F Morgan

Monday, December 3, 2012

So glad this week is over!

Wow, I was sooo excited to see my new lil niece Scarlet! Glad to hear that she and Krista are doing good! Last week I went to the computer way excited but she hadn´t been born yet, this week, we had such a crazy week that when I went to go check email, I had totally forgotten that I was waiting for a new niece/nephew. I think she has more of Kenny´s face, but we´ll see when she gets older :P Congrats Krista and Kenny, way happy for you guys, and I can´t wait to meet her, and ALL of my new nieces!
Okay, we have got to grab a bus to Porto Alegre today, so I don´t have a lot of time... sorry!
The week started off relatively good, we found a few people to teach, and we also taught with a few members too, it was looking like it was going to be one of our best work weeks yet (here). But, honestly, this was one of the saddest and most frustrating weeks I have had so far.
Friday we got a call from the missionaries in Simões Lopes, Elder Eduardo had disappeared. They had come home after lunch and when nobody was looking (for reasons that shouldn´t have happened) he took off without anybody noticing. We flew over there and started to look for him, we went to the bus station, looked through his stuff to find clues to where he would have gone, called people, talked to EVERYONE. After awhile he went to a members house and called from there. Looks like he just didn´t have the desire to be a missionary anymore. Needless to say I was crushed. Elder Eduardo was one of the best missionaries I had ever worked with and without a doubt the best District Leader I have ever had too. When he got in the area there was nothing, and in a few short weeks Simões was the best area in our zone again, I went on a division wiht him last week and was really edified. I was going to hang on to him for as a long as a could, but then i was going to recommend him as a zone leader. It was a real tragedy. Elder de Almeida rode of to Porto Alegre with him ( it is about 3 1/2 hours from here) on Friday for him to be sent home. For sure the saddest thing that has ever happened in my zone...
That was the sad part, the frustrating part happened yesterday. But I don´t really want to go into details there.
Iago, is ready to be baptized, so next weekend it will probably happen, i am way excited for him. He is a WAY special kid, and it looks like he will have lots of other friends to invite, the young men's group is going to love us, and we are going to try and to teach the families of all of these guys!
Luis Fernando, is just a dry member (hasn´t been baptized) He is living the commandments, going to church EVERY Sunday, on his own will, has a testimony of the truthfulness of The Restored Gospel. Needless to say, it is a blessing to teach him. Ha, the frustrating part of our week was that he should be getting baptized, and wants to, but for some other reasons, it is taking awhile. (nothing to do with him, and none of the frustration is directed at him.)
This week is looking like it should be great, and I am excited for Zone Council to be able to learn something and be lifted up again and receive revelation. President Castro is always amazing.
Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers, especially in behalf of our success here. When we got here the zone was way down, but it is way better now, there is still lots of room to improve, but it is something we can work with now, and is being a force for good to happen.
All of my love.
It´s begining to look a lot like Christmas... :)
Elder David F Morgan